mental health statistics, 1 in 4 people suffer with mental health problems self harm affects all ages, understanding and support are vital depression can be a debilitating illness and can be hard to deal with alone bipolar is a mental illness that can go undiagnosed for years, but with professional advice can be helped psychosis can be distressing for all, friendly support can make a difference schizophrenia is a misunderstood illness, education and understanding in the community will help those who suffer

About HUTS

We are the only charity of our kind in West Wales supporting adults with mental health challenges. We run a fantastic, well-equipped craft workshop, where our members can boost their life-skills and confidence. Our members often tell us our up-beat, welcoming atmosphere has helped them develop and make new friends.
We encourage people to explore their creativity through artisitic expression. As well as crafts and skills such as:
Knitting; Crochet; Woodwork; Cooking and IT tutoring.

What do we do?

HUTS offers an opportunity for people to explore their creativity through artistic expression. These range from knitting and crochet to pyrography and woodwork. There are opportunities for exploration and support in IT, cooking skills, arts and crafts and anything in between.

Members Comments

Support when having problems dealing with things, social aspect of having friends who understand.

I like the comfortable atmosphere and friendliness of staff. I feel able to talk to people, which I normally find difficult.

Can do as little or as much as you want without pressure

Mixing with people, doing different crafts, having fun, teasing staff, fun

Where can you find us?

Our lovely new building is situated overlooking the river Teifi in Newcastle Emlyn. We cover three counties, Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire and are happy to receive referrals from GP’s, CPN’s or other professional bodies from these counties for new members.