Key Contact Points

If you want to connect with local services or need more information on strategies for well-being locally and nationally, these are good places to start.

West Wales Action for Mental Health

WWAMH provides independent advice and information, development, support and training to mental health organisations, carers and individuals in Ceredigion. They produce a directory of local mental health services in the voluntary sector.

Head Office
The Mount Llys Steffan
18 Queen Street Temple Terrace
Carmarthen SA31 1NJ Lampeter SA48 7BJ
Tel: 01267 238367 Tel: 01570 422559


MIND is the leading national voluntary organisation working in the field of mental health. As well as campaigning on key issues it provides a comprehensive information service over the telephone, on its website and through an enormous range of easily readable booklets. MIND's approach to mental health is strongly committed to the principles of recovery and is based on the importance of hope and respect for each of us.

Mind Cymru Mind, 15 - 19, Broadway,
3rd Floor Quebec House London E15 4BQ
Castlebridge Tel: 020 8519 2122
5 - 19 Cowbridge Road East
Cardiff CF11 9AB Mindinfoline 0300 123 3393
Tel: 029 2039 5123

Hywel Dda Health Board

This is the organisation which provides much of the mental health care provision in this area. It is a central source of information about local resources.

HDHB Headquarters
Merlin's Court
Winch Lane
Haverfordwest SA61 1SB
Tel: 01437 771220

NHS Direct

A confidential health advice and information service available 24 hours a day. You can call if unsure what to do, or for information on local health services. A directory of 'Health Wellbeing Support' is under 'Local Services' on the website.

Tel: 0845 4647

C.A.L.L. Helpline

CALL Offers emotional support and information/literature on mental health and related matters to the people of Wales.

Tel: 0800 132 737

MAP (Mental Health Advocacy Providers)

A free, independent and confidential service.

Tel: 01437 762935


Providing an independent mental health advocacy service for both inpatients and those living in the community.

1st Floor
59 King Street
SA31 1BA
Tel: 01267 231122

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Help with Medication

The Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust

Provides an excellent information service on all psychiatric drugs.


Can help with information on medication as well as other support and information.

Tel: 0300 123 3393

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Complementary Therapies

There are many practitioners and a number of complementary health centres throughout Ceredigion. NHS Direct has information about each therapy and guidance to help you find a qualified practitioner and get safe and reliable treatment.


Has information on its website about a wide range of complementary therapies.

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Counselling and Psychotherapy

Dere Siarad

A team based in primary care for people experiencing emotional distress. Referral is through your GP. An initial assessment will enable you to decide on the most appropriate way forward. The Team provide a range of therapeutic approaches including Brief Solution Focussed Therapy, CBT and groups for Anxiety and Stress Management. The service is delivered in all GP practices in Ceredigion.

Tel: 01570 423128


Offers counselling to couples at centres in Aberystwyth, Carmarthen and Haverfordwest. There is a charge, but no-one is turned away if unable to pay.

Tel: 01267 236737

Cyswllt Ceredigion Contact

Offers counselling based on an abstinence approach for drug and alcohol dependencies and eating disorders in Cardigan and Aberystwyth.

49 North Prade
Aberystwyth SY23 2JN
Tel: 01970 626470


Advice and counselling for alcohol and drug problems based on a harm-reduction approach.

Forestry House
Brewery Road
Carmarthen SA31 1TF
Tel: 01267 231634


Offers specialised counselling for adults who have been sexually abused as children.

PO Box 87
Newcastle Emlyn SA44 9AP
Tel: 0845 456 1657

A free on-line life skills course written by a psychiatrist with a background in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT).

A good source of information about different types of counselling and psychotherapy, national organisations and local practitioners is National Mind. They produce a helpful booklet, Understanding Talking Treatments available from Mind Publications on 0844 448 4448 or via

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Education and Training

Coleg Ceredigion

Provides a range of opportunities and courses. Free tuition for courses of more than 15 hours a week or at reduced rates for less than 15 hours if you are in receipt of benefits.

Tel: Cardigan Campus 01239 612032
Tel: Aberystwyth Campus 01970 639700

UWA School of Education and Lifelong Learning

You can choose to study anything from a single module up to a Diploma of Higher Education in a wide variety of courses across mid-Wales. Concessionary fees are available for those on state benefits.

Old College
The University of Wales Aberystwyth
Aberystwyth SY23 2AX
Tel: 01970 621580

Learn Direct

Computer, literacy and numeracy courses taught on-line as well as access to carers advice.

Tel: 0800 101901

WEA (Worker's Educational Association)

Offers some adult education courses in Ceredigion that do not lead to a qualification.

Tel: 02920 235277

Dysgu Bro Ceredigion Community Learning

Offers a range of adult friendly computer classes and some other subjects throughout Ceredigion.

Penparcau Community Education Centre
Aberystwyth SY23 1SH
Tel: 01970 633542/633542

Clynfyw Care Farm

Offers training in a wide range of practical subjects and opportunities for volunteering in a farm setting.

Pembrokeshire SA37 0HF
Tel: 01239 841236 Over 600 free online courses from the Open University. Puts you in touch with teachers and learners of every subject.

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Look out for fresh, local produce, perhaps from a vegetable box scheme which delivers to your door, or from one of the Farmers' Markets in Lampeter, Cardigan and Aberystwyth.

Food and Mood Handbook by Amanda Geary

An invaluable guide to the relationship between diet, nutrition and emotional and mental health. Available from:

Optimum Nutrition for the Mind by Patrick Holford

A leading specialist in the relationship between diet and health (especially emotional and mental well-being).

Holford and Associates Ltd
PO Box 53979
London SW15 6TZ

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Bipolar UK

Self-help groups meet to share experiences and benefit from each others' knowledge about how to take control of their lives. Further details from

The Gathering

A Support group for relatives and friends of people who are experiences or recovering from mental health problems that meets in Aberystwyth.

Tel: 01970 612615

Carers Groups

There are a number of support groups for carers in the county. For information contact:

Carers Ceredigion on 01970 828459 or British Red Cross Ceredigion
Carers Support Service on 01239 615945

Social Media

Many national mental health organisations now have pages on Facebook and on-line forums where you can talk to others with similar experiences.

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is developing ways in which mental health service users can express their views on how mental health services in Ceredigion can be improved

Time To Change Wales

Is a national campaign to help end mental health discrimination. Opportunities for volunteering, blogging, training and running events.

3° Quebec House
Cowbridge Road East
Cardiff CF11 9AB

United Kingdom Advocacy Network

A national organisation linking user organisations and promoting their interests.

Hearing Voices Network

A service for people, by people, who are hearing voices. It offers an alternative approach to traditional psychiatry, support to all and information on local groups.

c/o Sheffield Hearing Voices Network
Limbrick Day Service
Limbrick Road
Sheffield S6 2PE
Tel: 0114 271 8210

Hearing Voices Network Cymru

There is also a Welsh network

'Critical Psychiatry'

A useful internet search term to start to explore traditional psychiatric assumptions around mental health.

Asylum Magazine

'The magazine for democratic psychiatry' - users and survivors of services in alliance with others, campaigning for change in the way we respond to each others' mental and emotional distress.

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Informal groups meet regularly around the county and one-off workshops are often offered. Look on local noticeboards or the internet for contacts.

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. On Meditation and being in the present moment.

Light within: the inner path of meditation by Laurence Freeman. Meditation from a Christian perspective.

A Path with Heart by Jack Kornfield. A guide to meditation and spiritual path, inspired by Buddhist teachings.

Living Presence: a Sufi way to mindfulness and the unfolding of the essential self by Kabir Edmund Helminski.

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Credit Union

A not for Profit saving and loans organisation based on cooperative principles. Credcer is based in Cardigan with outreach points in Tregaron and Aberystwyth.

Credcer Credit Union
46 St Mary's Street
Cardigan SA43 1HA
Tel: 01239 621408

Freecycle Ceredigion

Matches people who have things they need to get rid of with people who can use them. And it's free.

CRAFT (Ceredigion Recycling and Furniture Team)

Is a Not for Profit company that sells unwanted household items at an affordable price. Its collection and delivery service covers Ceredigion and surrounding areas. They also repair computers and offer opportunities for volunteers. If you're on a low income or benefit you may qualify for a CRAFT discount card which gives you 25% discount.
Tel: 01970 626532

Citizen's Advice Bureau

Confidential, impartial information and advice on benefits, debt problems, housing rights, consumer rights, care needs and much more.

Aberystwyth office Cardigan office
12 Cambrian Place Napier Street
Aberystwyth Cardigan
SY23 1NT SA43 1ED
Tel: 01970 612817 Tel: 01239 613707
National advice line: 0844 772020

Direct Payments

Are payments by Social Services to meet your care and social needs. These can pay for help or care at home or for activities that would benefit your mental health either by yourself or through employing someone to accompany you. These payments can only be made via a social worker referral. For more information contact

Social Services Contact Centre
Rhiw Goch
Aberaeron SA46 0DY
Tel: 01545 574001


The local exchange trading scheme is a community-spirited, locally-based trading system and a way of swapping skills and goods. Build up credits by offering services such as grass-cutting or painting and 'spend' them on others' services such as haircuts, lifts etc.

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Aberystwyth Arts Centre

Run music workshop and courses.

Tel: 01970 622882

Women in Tune

A charity that organises a women's music festival every year in Ceredigion. It was created as a showcase for female musicians and a place of encouragement and inspiration where women could become involved in or learn about music. They also run courses and arts workshops.

Tel: 01570 493288

There are many choirs and singing opportunities in Ceredigion. Look on the internet or ask at your local library. - a website giving information about singing opportunities nationally. Everyone can sing...

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Work (Paid and Unpaid)

The COASTAL Project

Provides support and funding to enable people who have been disadvantages by illness to gain lifelong skills and training to provide them with a better chance of gaining employment.

Tel: 01545 574193

Ceredigion Volunteer Bureau

Has a wide variety of volunteering opportunities including working in charity shops, day centres, helplines, conservation etc. There is no minimum commitment and you decide what you do and the amount of time you spend with it. There is also support available to you whole you're working.

67 Bridge Street
Lampeter SA44 7AB
Tel: 01570 423232

Cardigan Bay Special Area of Conservation

Have several volunteering opportunities including dolphin watch and Coastcare.

Tel: 01545 572142

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