Poetry Corner

H.U.T.S. Newcastle Emlyn is busy and bright,
The people are friendly, the shops a delight.

The castle a landmark, as still it stands proud,
Looks over the river where wildlife now crowd.

The river's a haven, a heron so still,
The mallards, the children feed just for the thrill.

Not far from the bridge, is a building you will find,
Where people are helpful thoughtful and kind.

There are daytrips and cafes, places to see,
Tours in the bus and the odd shopping spree.

H.U.T.S.is for people like you and like me,
Who share a kind word, over coffee or tea.

The craftwork is wonderful so much you can do,
Needlework, pottery, silk painting too.

Necklaces, card making, woodwork and more,
Packing for cushions all are in store,

We all work together, like bees in a hive,
The friends and support there, that