About HUTS workshop Newcastle Emlyn

HUTS Workshop

Taking referrals from professionals, (GP, CMHTs, Social Services and other professional services), we provide opportunities for exploration and support in all manner of arts and crafts, including pottery, woodwork, jewellery making, painting, sewing, weaving and needlework. We also offer support and learning opportunities in IT and basic cooking skills. We run regular trips to local venues and activities to widen experiences and offer inspiration for creativity. There is always a support worker available. Our trained staff are on hand to help with any worries or concerns. We encourage members to explore their creativity through artistic expression whilst receiving support with everyday problems and challenges. We are open to members from 10am – 4pm Monday to Friday. Take a look at our Gallery to see some of the items we have made. Please note that for specialised crafts such as pottery and woodwork we limit the numbers for health and safety reasons.

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About HUTS workshop Newcastle Emlyn About HUTS workshop Newcastle Emlyn